OH MY GOSH, he is incredible!.  We had an amazing weekend bonding together. He has met a lot of our friends (we kept it to short visits and he did great), is happily getting used to our home, loves the food I have been cooking and is doing great with potty breaks. He has acclimated perfectly to our routine, our noises, our life.

I can tell how much love and attention he has gotten because he is totally fine with me covering him with kisses and snuggling him! 

Thank you so much for all you do for these pups - we feel so lucky!

Purchased "Pumpkin" February 2017

He is smart, cuddly and confidently independent.  Checks in for reassurance and then explores.  If I go anywhere he is silently on my heels like a shadow.  His body is sooo relaxed!  No tension in this boy.  I can already see his desire to please.  He responds to tone of voice already.  (Stay away from the cat box!  Okay!)  He trots off to find something else to explore. In short, the time you invest in them really shows!  And of course, the breed is amazing. 

We are over the moon and so pleased with him!  And it's only been a day! 

Judy and Tim
Purchased "Licorice"  February 2017

Murphy is a joy.  We are completely smitten.  So smart, sweet and cuddly.
And loves to play!  He's been fetching for us -- I throw this ball and rope
thing in the backyard and he brings it back to me for a treat.  He's
completely potty trained.  He and I spend the days together when the girls
are at school.  He plays or naps by my feet while I'm in my office.  Then we
go for walks and play in the backyard.  I don't know how I ever survived
without a dog!  Attached are two of my favorite photos. 

 We can't thank you enough for this addition to our family!

Purchased Murphy September, 2016

Howdy is 14 months now. I have questions on kinds of food to feed him and would appreciate a little info...... By the way, Howdy is just 1 awesome dog and has really enriched my life. Thank you again for what you do and the quality of dog you sell. 

Purchased Howdy January 2013
Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to give you an update on Willow (aka pink). She is completely WONDERFUL!! She loves to be right next to me all the time. She is the most beautiful dog with incredible eyes. Everyone comments on her eyes. She is so smart and has a personal trainer that she goes to weekly. I can't wait to start swimming with her when the weather warms up a bit.
Thank you for breeding such fantastic dogs!! I am so in LOVE with her!!
Purchased WIllow, December 2013

Thank you Brenda -Jaxson ( or as we call him Jackie B) is wonderful!! He is smaller than Maxx weighs about 43 and Maxx is 54 lbs.  He is so lovable and cute. He is always pleasant and happy. 
We all adore both of them- we have them in our bed sleeping with us every night.

Lisa, New Jersey
Purchased Maxx in 2009 and Jaxson in 2012
Hello and Happy New Year to you both....

I took some time naming the puppy but he has been named "Bishop". He is a funny little guy right now. He has really settled in to his new home quite well. I took him to work the first 10 days he was here and everyone absolutely loves him. He really is a very social little dude. He loves to walk around and visit everyone there. His favorite thing now is the SNOW! He can't seem to get enough of it. He wants out every 5 minutes to run and tumble in it.

He went to the vet for the 1st time here. He weighs 16 lbs and the vet was very impressed with his muscle structure and the way his eyes would track the docs finger. She said he was an absolutely beautiful puppy. But we all know that!

Stephen, Colorado
Purchased in December 2013

Hi Brenda -
Thank you for all of the adorable puppy pics of our Bella girl. She is such a fantastic dog, I can't see getting another breed.
Every time we go for a walk we get so many compliments on her and how beautiful she is. You may be getting some more inquiries from the LV area, they are from me!

Cortina, Las Vegas  Feb. 2013


Hi Brenda! 
Here's a picture of the beauty boy. We still haven't named him yet. I want something that describes him perfectly.  He's so beautiful, has the best disposition, is completely awesome.  He trots like a little horse. I want the name to reflect all of this. Not too much to ask for huh?  I want a strong, stately, champion kind of name. Help! :) any suggestions? Please! ??

He is absolutely amazing!!! We could not be happier!!!  He is adjusting very well. Each day, more and more of his playful personality is coming through.  He definitely feels more comfortable and knows we love him to pieces.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an awesome puppy!  We are overjoyed with our new baby.

Lorie, Georgia  Feb. 2013


THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This little puppy totally owns us now.  We love her so
> much. 

Teddie, Arizona Feb. 2013

Hi Brenda -

We are having a lot of fun with Polly!  As a matter of fact I think she most likely rules the house as she is getting really spoiled by Ben and Teddie with trips to circle k and sonic for cups of ice!  

Ben is having a great time with her and really enjoys playing with her. However she can out last all of us. We are waiting for the summer months to heat up,the pool to see if she wants to swim with Ben and his sisters  she has fallen in twice and it hasn't bothered her. We have notice that her energy level goes way up once she gets wet  her weekly shower is a real treat for all

I will send you some current pictures so you can she how she has grown in separate emails.

Thanks for adding to our family.

Bob and Teddie 


Hi Brenda,

I was on you website looking at your latest group of puppies they are all so cute.  I just thought I would let you know that we just LOVE Jasmine.  She is such a great dog and has a ton of personality!  We are so glad we got her from you.  She is truly the smartest dog we have ever owned.  We love this breed.

Hope your latest group all find great homes.

Kansas  Purchased a pup in 2010

Hello Brenda.
Just wanted to thank you again for our Splash and tell you that he is a fantastic puppy and very smart! 
I wanted to email you few pictures of him. We all adore him ! 

Oksana, New Jersey
Hi Brenda,

Next time you have a litter, drop me a line.   I'd love to check them out. 

Here's our latest pic of REO.   He's ever so lovable….except maybe on easter morning when he enjoyed at least a dozen candy-filled eggs before the kids got out there.      He ate only the reeses cups and chocolate kisses (foil and all) and discarded the jelly beans.    picky little bugger.



Hi Brenda,

Bill and I had a wonderful trip in large measure because  you were 
watching Chloe. There were no worries, except if she would remember us.

She did and we were pleased to see she was more mellow after being with the other dogs.

Chloe has a big personality; and yet, she is very loving and follows me wherever  I go.
She now sits, lays down, working on staying, rings the bell to relieve herself and is pretty good with leave it.  She is quite fearless in many ways.  I have a friend with 2 Siberian Huskies.  She played with them amazingly  well.  She is quite a joy.  She is very beautiful right now.  Everyone stops us.

I hope all is well with you and your family.




Hi Brenda,


I thought you would enjoy these two pictures of Champ with my boys and with our other dog Roxy. 


Champ is doing great, we just love him so much.  He is growing so fast he is already bigger than Roxy.  My vet even likes him so much he is now thinking of getting a PWD.  He’s been doing great learning different commands, he is so smart.  He does like to sneak into my son’s bedroom and jump up on his bed where he has all of his stuffed animals, he thinks they are his toys.


My husband has been doing great recovering from his accident and has been taking Champ on lots of walks.......

Hope all well with you too!







Picabo is doing well.....16 pounds already and loves to play in water by lake and swimming pool.  She stole the show while we were shopping today at an outdoor mall!!

Amy, Michigan



Our puppy is doing great. We decided to name him Harry and the name seems to fit him.

He keeps me on my toes 24/7, he is a bundle of energy, curious about everything, loves plastic bottles (he has quite the collection), loves sleeping on my toes whenever I am working on the computer, and crashes every night at 9 exhausted from his day.

He is attending puppy kindergarten and Asia's 3 also goes to the same school. Everywhere we go he always gets told how cute he is and people are definitely curious about what breed he is, so that has been fun.

I attached a picture. Hope you are enjoying being puppy free!!


Hi Brenda,

I just want you to know that we have the best, cutest, smartest, most handsome, sweetest, funniest dog in the whole world!  I feel so lucky to have him.  Everyone always comments on how calm and well behaved he is!  Especially the vet and groomer.  He is such a joy to have around.  I'll send some pictures and videos in a separate email.  You don't have to look at all of them hahaha  I could really go on and on about him but I try to remember that most people don't want to hear it LOL :)

Oh and we named him Moose!  It just so fits him!
Ruby is well too. They get together every week to play!  She has a lot more "energy" than Moose does haha
Hope all is well with you guys!

Martina, Massachusetts

Hi Brenda-  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful jaxson is!! He is so adorable and cuddly.  They are like mutt and Jeff . He follows Maxx all over, and does whatever he does. Maxx is fantastic with him because he does chew on Maxx and pulls everything out of his mouth. He's been a wonderful addition to our family-thank you again!   

Lisa, New Jersey

(Maxx was purchased two years prior to Jaxson, so they have brothers)