We live 10 miles outside of Park City, Utah.  We began our PWD family while living in Michigan.  It took us eight months to decide to purchase our first PWD, as we had not spent that much on a dog prior, and wanted to research the breed to see if it was the breed that best suited our family and lifestyle.


We visited many breeders throughout the Midwest and Arizona and educated ourselves on the breed.  I have a background in Microbiology and Genetics and intensely studied the breed, many bloodlines and their genetics prior to purchasing our first PWD.  I wanted a line that was free of not only diseases, but free of any heritage that was even a carrier.  I felt that with such an investment, I wanted no stone left un-turned and as healthy of a line as I could continue and improve.


I then began researching a diet of not only all canines, but the specific breeds that led to the creation of the PWD.  Through this, we have continued a line that in the past 11 years, our adults have NEVER been to the veterinarian, other than for testing, immunizations or elective surgery, such as spay/neuter.  None of our adults have had even minor typical issues that are found to be common in dogs.  Their coats glisten, their teeth are pearly white without ever the need for a dental cleaning.  Not too many adult humans can claim such excellence in health.

Our puppies are supplemented with fresh goat milk in addition to their nursing and their parents have a daily diet of raw food as well as kibble.  Our dogs eat organic chicken or hamburger daily, mixed with a holistic kibble, probiotics, and fresh vegetables.  They have strong, muscular chests and legs, as well as coats, dental health and much more.  


I must speak with every potential owner on the telephone.  I love to see how you came to learn that a PWD was right for you and to learn about your lifestyle, educate you on the breed, and share our stories.  PWD's love children, but puppies are babies and young children do not understand pain, and generally want to hold the puppy all of the time and do not understand the risks of dropping a puppy or choking it.  Children are one of the greatest risks for puppy safety, so I would encourage you to wait until your children are 8 years of age or older to purchase a puppy.  Older PWD's are great with very young children.

I won't ask you for a picture of your house and backyard, because quite frankly, your dog won't care.  I won't sell a pup to someone in an inner city without room for a PWD to run and exercise, or a family with very small children, but I also won't judge you by your backyard.  I will want to know how you will live with a PWD, will they have a companion most of the day, where will your pup be when you are not around, where will they sleep at night, how many hours a day will they be alone?  Are there children around and do they all understand the responsibilities of dog ownership, how much exercise will your dog get and do you understand what life will be like with a high energy dog? I get a feel for what type of an owner you will be, just by having dialogue, and I want you to interview me also.  There are many wonderful breeders and I want you to know what my values are as a breeder. I  want you to fly in to pick up your pup, which is why I don't ship.  It is my desire for you to see their parents and other relatives, so you have confidence in the nature of your pup's genetics.  I want you to see where your little one came in to this world, and their first two months of life and seeing our home and property will give you an idea of who we are and what we give to your dog and our line.

I will not ask you to show your puppy, nor will I ask you to allow me to show your puppy.  I am not concerned with titles and my name being out there, as this is not a competition.  I want you to only show your puppy love, attention, compassion and give our/your puppy the best possible life that they can imagine.  They will love you unconditionally, and I want you to be true to them.  To quote an unknown author of a well known quote:  "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."