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You can reach us at:

We DO NOT show our dogs for people 
to visit, if we are not selling puppies.
We both work, it takes about four hours
to bathe and groom our dogs, and 
another few hours to clean our home.
People do not realize the hours it 
takes, for your 30 minute visit.  Sorry, 
we are active and would rather 
spend our weekends enjoying our dogs
and each other.

When we have a litter, we will be 
happy to comply with visit requests,
as we are in that mode at that time. 

Below, for your convenience, is a PayPal payment for a puppy deposit.  PLEASE do not make a payment, unless you have communicated with breeder regarding a specific puppy, and ownership of a PWD, as well as completed our questionnaire and reviewed our Purchase Contract.  If you have any questions, please call the number to the left.  All of our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract (18-24 months of age) with no breeding rights.

A puppy will not be held without a deposit and the deposit naturally is applied to the purchase price.  When we accept a deposit, we pull all advertising for that puppy and mark the puppy "Reserved" on our website.  This prevents other buyers from interest in the puppy.  Do not place a deposit if you are unsure of your decision.  A deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if we have held the puppy more than seven days.  If we cannot provide the gender you desire, a refund will be issued.  If you change your mind, well......that's your choice, but we act in good faith and trust you when you place a deposit and will hold you to that decision.   If you want to roll over a deposit to the next litter for some reason, you may do this once only and your check will then be cashed.  If you choose not to purchase a puppy from the next litter, your deposit is non-refundable.  The deposit value is $300.  The $309 below represents the 3% PayPal fee.  You are welcome to send a check for a deposit, but it must clear prior to pick-up.

CASH ONLY on pick-up.  Please do not ask to write me a check upon pickup, as I will not accept any kind of check .

Thank you. 

Puppy Deposit

$ 309.00 USD