Welcome to Burntwood PWD's

 We are so blessed to have these wonderful dogs and pups in our lives and would love to share the joy of PWD ownership with you.  Feel free to peruse our links above to gain valuable information about us and our dogs, transitioning a new pup in to your home, diet, testing, spay/neuter, and how we whelp and raise our puppies to ensure you have the best possible dog ownership experience.  I keep a blog while we raise each of our litters.

Information on puppies will be updated as is available and posted with individual descriptions and pictures of each pup.   I also post the genetics for our dogs as well as their parents.  We give a three year health guarantee on all of our puppies and take great pride in the health of our puppies and our line.  

We have had the privilege of owning PWD's for 19 years, after having raised and trained golden retrievers for a service dog program.

Our PWD family began with Morocco, India and Kenya.  Morocco and India are pictured above and are now retired.  They gave us years of joy and three beautiful offspring:  Jamaica, Asia, and Java.  We are blessed to have had such a wonderful line, and such great additions to our family.  They came from  a long line of champions and have been show dogs.   We enjoy showing and training our PWD's, but we are not full time enthusiasts/breeders.  We have other careers and are "hobby" breeders.  It is an enjoyable family activity to attend shows and periodically raise a high quality litter of very fine Portuguese Water Dogs. 

Our dogs have wonderful personalities, are extremely healthy and have not been to the vet other than immunizations and the required and optional health testing.

We are located in the high mountain area of Utah and may be reached at 435-640-9255 or at pwdsrus@yahoo.com.  

All puppies are sold preferrably with a spay/neuter contract, written health guarantees, first/second set of shots and worming, along with a puppy packet and we will give you pictures since birth.  We will consider the option for breeding rights but not just to anyone.  It took us seven years to earn the right to breed with our mentor breeder and it was after we learned all about this wonderful breed, completed the genetic testing and the breeder knew we would be great ambassadors for this breed.  Call if you have a consideration regarding this.

Captain Jack joined our family in 2011.  He is mostly white, with beautiful brown markings.  He is now ten years old and very active and muscular.  Jack "talks" to us continuously, has a very endearing personality to all he meets and loves to lead us down stairs by pulling on our robes.  Jack loves to sit and have "conversations" with us, whether we begin them or he does.  He also loves to "talk" to strangers and will always greet them with a loving lick or active conversation, which is why he would not be a therapy dog, I guess.

Morocco, always with a ball in his mouth.   Morocco is a 53 lb. lap dog.  He is so handsome, solid muscle with a strong chest and jaw.  He is Harley's son, if that means anything, and he is such an awe inspiring site on his own.  He HATED the show ring and just wanted to play with the other dogs.  Showing is for some, not for others and I am not going to show a dog that doesn't enjoy it. 

Morocco in the winter.  What a handsome dude.  We just lost Morocco in June ‘21 at the ripe old age of 15 3/4 years old.