If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies please call or email us.  We will ask you questions and will want to know a bit about you, and we always love to talk about our dogs and puppies.

Next, complete the questionnaire below and send it to us at pwdsrus@yahoo.com

We will then contact you and discuss puppy ownership in more detail.  Many people want Portuguese Water Dogs.  They are wonderful family additions which need attention and love.  They are highly intelligent and thrive with constant stimulation, but they are certainly not for everyone.  Please read my eight points below.

We will ask you to review our contract below and ask any clarifying questions.

Finally, a $300 deposit will hold a pick.  First deposit, first pick of the litter.  Second deposit, second pick of the litter and so forth.  Many times, what we consider our personal pick of a litter is not other families and twice, our pick has been the last choice.  We guarantee you a fine, well adjusted puppy, as that is all we raise, with all of the love and attention we give. Deposits can be made with a check or on our Contact Us page at the PayPal link.  ONLY A DEPOSIT HOLDS A PUPPY, not a promise to purchase.

As breeders, we feel it is not our place to choose your pup for you.  All of our puppies are very balanced and well adjusted, and share extremely similar temperaments, since they grow up in our arms.  They live with us, are held continuously, spend the first nine weeks with their parents (four legged and two legged ones) and know every nook and cranny of our home.  One of our eight to nine week old pups will fit in to your lifestyle and will adjust nicely to your "pack".  We understand temperament testing very clearly, and support whomever thinks they are the best at choosing someone else's puppy, but we do not live in your home and know your daily routines.  What we will offer you is a very balanced, socially well adjusted puppy who will adapt to your lifestyle and bring you many years of joy and companionship.

Pick up is CASH ONLY.  You receive the puppy, his or her paperwork, immunizations and puppy packet.  We receive the balance in cash with no worries.


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Is a puppy really right for you?   Things to consider:

1. PUPPIES CHEW:  A puppy chews for at least six months.  They are continuously teething and will chew on you, furniture, toys and more.  Are you ready for the challenge?  I can't tell you how many people ask if our puppies chew a lot.  Yes, all puppies teethe and chew.  The secret is to give them healthy chew toys and the ability to work their new teeth through the gums without damaging your items.  We suggest torn pieces of jeans, wet and frozen in a ziplock bag.  Puppies are smart, so train them from day 1.

2. HOUSEBREAKING: A puppy can be housebroken in a matter of days, if you are diligent.  Are you committed to this process and patient enough to endure a week of the 24/7 attention it takes?

3.  HEALTHY DIET: Can you feed your puppy an organic diet of healthy food, to ensure you will give her/him the proper nourishment that it will need to remain healthy and free of issues?  Dogs don't eat kibble in the wild, and there is not much natural food in kibble, or it would not be brown and processed in to a perfectly molded shape.  We consider it comparable to cereal.  Yes it's healthy but would you raise your child on cereal only, no matter how healthy it is?  Then give your wonderful dog a variety of healthy foods.  Ours get organic chicken or beef daily.  Fish weekly and free feed on organic carrots.  They love melons, asparagus, berries and so much more in their meals.

4.  COMPANIONSHIP:  Can you make a puppy a part of your family?  Will you allow the puppy to live in your home?  Sleep near you?   Not just when it is convenient for you, but they need this all of the time.  If you are going to crate them all night, and crate them during the day when you work, please do not read further, as a PWD is not the dog for you.

5. LOVE AND ATTENTION: Can you give your puppy attention and love?  A feeling of security?  Be a part of your pack?  These are pack animals and are miserable if left unattended, outside or alone.  They need your pack to survive happily and be well balanced.  http://shine.yahoo.com/pets/why-outdoor-dogs-miserable-125500891.html

6.  EXERCISE: Can you wait to heavily exercise your puppy?  Many runners contact us about wanting a high energy dog to run with them.  Problem is, if you are not wise about development, you can actually create health issues in a dog that comes genetically free of health issues.  Dogs age approximately 7 years to every human year.  If you are walking a six month old dog 2 miles a day, would you do that to a 3 1/2 year old child?  No, you would most likely use a stroller.  Would you run a seven year old child a mile or two a day?  No, so don't run a year old puppy for a mile or two.  Your common sense should guide you in raising a healthy puppy.  We can give you the great genes, but don't hurt our dog with not using your common sense.

7.  SPAY/NEUTER:  Can you wait until the puppy is 18-24 months old to spay or neuter?  This is a request that you do not hear about from many breeders.  The AKC and many veterinarians are now seeing the huge health issues from pups that were spayed or neutered at six months of age.  Read my link to the right about the horrific results that CAN happen with a dog that grows to maturity with no hormones at all.

8.  CHILDREN:  Are your children 8 years of age or older?  Children should be allowed to run and play and puppies to do the same.  The problem is that a puppy will mirror the energy level of your home.  If there is running, jumping, yelling, puppies will think that is how they are supposed to act, and with sharp teeth and toenails, it can wreak havoc on your children.  A puppy simply thinks of your child as a litter mate and will play just like your child.  Young children also don't understand pain and could easily drop a pup, choke them and many other challenges.  Just wait and enjoy your children while they are young and get a puppy when they are old enough to help you and understand a puppy's needs.