For generations, our dogs have been tested for GM-1, Optigen, JDCM, AKC-DNA, CERF and Hip testing (now PennHip not OFA).  Our first generation are all part of the Georgie Project.   Living close to the University of Utah, having daughters who attend this fine university and having a background in the Sciences myself, it is a pleasure to support the research at the U.  In fact, our dogs excellent veterinarian is a former partner with the professor who began the Georgie Project, after adopting a stray PWD in 1986 whom he named Georgie.

Our dogs have excellent temperaments and dispositions, and we ensure that our dogs exceed the standard of the PWDCA.  They have strong chests, straight legs, are very muscular and get a lot of exercise.  They have a strong line of champions in their background.  We love both the brown and black colors and our females will throw both colors.  We do not breed for a specific trait, as we are following the advice of Dr. Lark from the Georgie Project:  " a dog bred for a desired trait may end up, years later, more vulnerable to cancer, immune disorders or other diseases of aging, and thus have a  shorter life span." 

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Contact us if you want grand sire and grand dams and their ancestors genetic results. We have maintained three generations of testing.

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