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We've Moved!

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Saturday, August 15, 2015
The pups moved out of our den yesterday and it to our family area.  They are now located just off of our kitchen and living room and can see, smell and hear our daily life.  They can also run around with me in these areas, which will be fun for them.  The transition was tough for them for about three hours.  They whined incessantly even with me in their to entertain them. They were not so much interested in exploring as they were just wanting out.  The first to use the new piddle pads at one end of the run was Daisy.  They others just squatted in their sleeping area.  This will take time and soon they will learn to go to the other end to eliminate.  After about an hour, all of the puppies were playing with me and moving throughout their new home.  It was so nice to see them run, as the whelping box only provides a walking space.

They now lap up milk.  Naturally, this provides a great milk bath for them and underneath those partially crusty coats are beautiful lush coats that are nourished by the protein from goat milk.  We sponge bathe them daily now, as they learn not to walk in their food.  After they feed from mom and eat from the buffet we provide, they naturally have to lick each others' faces and chew on ears.

All yesterday, they spread out and slept all over their run, but last night, returned to the puppy pile sleep pattern. It was so warm yesterday that spreading out sounded great, but they kept each other warm during the night.  They are quiet now and very observant.  You cannot walk by them without crawling in and loving them.  They are so calm when picked up.  They are the best thing of each and every day.  I love them so much.


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