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We Can See and Hear: WooHoo!

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Sunday, August 9, 2015
The puppies can now focus on me and I can no longer sneak in to the den.  They now see and hear everything, so life is changing for me.  Soon, they will move down to our main living area and enjoy the sites, sounds and smells of life in our home.

They are now interacting with each other.  They are all very gentle, and fairly steady on their legs.  They suck everything, paws, ears legs and anything they can attach their little suction mouth to.  They don't sleep in puppy piles any longer and are often found spread out over the whelping box.  They are able to potty on their own now, so clean up is about a dozen times a day instead of once daily now.

My favorite part of the day is hanging out with them.  I crawled in the whelping box today and they all crawled over me, whined for attention (or food) and just hung out for a half hour.  None of them are timid and all are playful and comfortable.  I just love our little babies.


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