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Our Bundles of Joy

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Our little bundles of joy arrived Monday, July 13.  We have five males and three females and all of our puppies are wavies. We have three white females, two have brown markings and one has black markings.  We have one black male, two brown males and three white males with black markings.

For two weeks weeks they have been eating and sleeping, with no stories to share.  They still sleep in a puppy pile and occasionally I will see one off on its own laying on its back.  They have grown substantially in the past two weeks and mom has been able to keep up with nursing all of them very well.  We have only had to supplement with goat milk slightly, to make sure they are full.  They have quite the sucking instinct and will suck on anything in front of them:  another puppies ears, legs or tail, our fingers their own paws and more.  Mom has been great.  I cannot sneak in to the den without her appearing outside  :), she is calm and relaxed and we are very pleased with her and the puppies' progress.

They crawl from birth, but are now getting their sea legs and beginning to stand and walk.  It is amazing that they learn to walk and their mobility progresses quicker than their vision.  Their eyes are just beginning to open now.  I cannot wait to see their beautiful blue eyes.  Although the blue will not last, it is such a beautiful eye color and I just want these beauties to see what they have felt and smelled for two weeks.


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