The pups are now very social and love playing with each other.  They have discovered that tearing up the piddle pads and running in the opposite direction is great fun, so our life has changed dramatically.  The pads are now taped down and the water bottle that squirts to discourage piddle pad attacks stands guard.  I hate to spoil their great fun, but I also love to keep a clean pen.

When I sit in the pen, they all clamor for the front and top position.  Little Rosebud figured out last night that she could crawl under all of them and work her way up to my chin, and succeeded.  You cannot imagine the unconditional love that these wonderful puppies bring.  At the end of a long day, I just love to sit and be licked or chewed on and if one did not know I raised a litter of pups, they would certainly question me with the remnants of claws and teeth that adorn my fingers and arms.

Soon though, this time will pass and my house will be quiet, and smell nice once again.....sounds great to most, but makes me tear up just thinking about them leaving.