We have been blessed with 15 adorable puppies.  I finally spent the last four hours downloading, resizing, renaming, filing, uploading and creating a page on the website of Asia's nine pups. All of the pups are growing well, sleep and eat well and Asia's are trying to get on all fours.  Today, I noticed a reflection in the corner of some of their eyes, so over the next few days, her pups will be opening their eyes.  Java is also a great mom, but a new mom.  She is learning the are to slow motion and she is less anxious now.  Both moms feed every 3 hours and we monitor the feedings.  The pups still sleep in a puppy pile and are beginning to give me things to write about, rather than just eating and sleeping.

Asia's litter will suck on anything in front of them.  Since their eyes are still closed and their ears are not developed yet, we can sneak in.  When we pick them up, they awaken and "root" for the nearest thing to suck on.  They are going after fingers now.  Java's pups are still finicky about nursing and would prefer that over the bottle.  She developed so much milk, that Asia's pups happily complied to help with the over production.  She is now balancing out and all is well, we are tired, but well.