Nine beautiful puppies arrived Wednesday.  Eight are female and one is a male.  You can tell she only tied once and was nearing the end of her season.  We had not planned to breed this mother, but such is life.  Our male is black with white markings and our females vary.  We have five that are brown with white markings, one is white with brown markings, one is white with black markings and one is black with white markings.

All are doing well.  They were born in 5.5 hours and all came out ready to nurse.  They are great little eaters and sleepers, which is all they will do for three weeks.  They scoot around to find mom and it is amazing watching mother nature in action, as they can find a teat through anything.  Mom is doing well, loves her babies and just wants to be with them.  I will post pictures on Sunday as I have an all day training Saturday.

Life is great and we are blessed that they all came in to the world lively and healthy.