All of the pups are doing well and growing.  Asia's litter is now awake for a good hour after every feeding.  They interact by licking each others' faces and sucking each other's ears.  They don't paw at each other just yet, and are just beginning to trot in their whelping box.  We most likely will move them to a run off of our kitchen this weekend.  It is hard to believe that half of their time with us is over.  They all have their canines now and some have their molars cutting in.  You can tell when teeth come in, as moms are not as enthused about nursing any longer.  Guess I wouldn't be if I had nine babies with teeth latched on to me.

Java's pups are still young at just 23 days old.  They are full week younger than Asia's.  They all walk now and you can feel their teeth pushing through the gums.  Yesterday was the first day I tried putting milk down for them to lap, as they are at the age where they just cannot get it quick enough.  Some have taken right to it like Rainbow and Blue, but other won't have anything to do with lapping milk.  None of them like to suck a bottle any more, so we are at the in between stage where they will nurse but just are not getting as full as they want.  It takes three or four feedings, but they will figure it out soon.  The days turn in to nights so quickly and their time is just flying by.  They are steady on their feet, but don't trot or interact too much yet.  They love to lick each others' faces though, after they finish eating.  

All are doing well and all have their eyes opened as well as ears.  Gone are the days of sneaking in to the room to sit with them without awakening them.  Now, I just crack the door and all are up and whining for mom.