Today is an eventful day.  Asia's nine are one week old and have nearly doubled in size.  They are doing well and Asia is a great mother.  Java's pups were born today.  She became a mother for the first time with six adorable brown/white wavies.  They are all proving to be great nursers and Java is a little awkward with the new experience, but her instincts have kicked in to clean them and stimulate them to go potty.  We will monitor for a week 24/7, and then begin to give her a few minutes alone with the pups.  Since this is all new to her, we want to be there to support her in her new experiences.

We now have:  One black wavy male with a white collar and chest.  One black wavy female with a white collar and chest, one white female with black spots, two parti brown and white females,  one solid brown male with just a bit of white on his tummy and front paw tips, one solid brown female with a bit more white than her brother, two brown and white males, one white female with brown spots, five brown wavy females with white collars, white paws and white on chests.

Sorry I have not posted pictures yet.  I have taken them, but my daughter took my camera for a wedding and has not returned it with the pictures on it for me to download.