As I sit here and write this, Asia's litter is playing and Java's is sleeping.  A big difference one week makes.  Sparkles get the puppy of the hour award.  She has been at my feet as much as she can for the last few feedings.  Snowflake, Sky, Pumpkin and Chartreuse run a close second.  They are all so loving, great little feeders and now both litters are playing with their littermates.  Last night, Sparkles and Pumpkin had a hard time falling asleep.  They played with each other, with me and refused to leave their littermates alone and would step on them and chew on their ears.  Violet was crashed out on her back and was a recipient of some of their play.  Licorice constantly walks in the food.  I think he loves warm milk baths.....or is all boy.

After this mornings feeding, Blue and Teal crashed while the other four played.  Rainbow just walked around searching for more food, so I came back with another cup of milk.  Moms still nurse and will until six weeks of age or more, but are not as enthusiastic with canines and molars working against them.   All of the puppies are alert and playful and I will try my had at posting videos on my website.  I have never done it before.  This afternoon is the big move for Asia's litter...they will come out of the den and in to our family area.  It will be cooler, so we will bring back the heat mat, but they will have a long run and now be in the main part of our home, rather than a quieter den upstairs.  Next weekend, Java's litter will join them.