The pups are five days old today.  They came in to this world with no issues in a quick manner.  We don't waste time once the birth process begins, as puppies are notorious for not making it when they are in the back of the uterus.  We walk the mom, stimulate her and she has a pup every 20-40 minutes, so the entire process usually takes 4-5 hours tops.

We did not bottle feed goat milk until the 3rd day and watched round the clock to ensure all puppies nursed well and received the crucial colostrum that is so essential.  Now, during nursing, we will top all of the pups off with goat milk to ensure they are well fed.  All feed well, whether it is nursing or bottle feeding.  Some are making their way off of the soft bedding and exploring the whelping box already.  When they do, we know they are looking for mom and we hear them, especially their mom who whines to get us.  All is good and sleep is rare for us right now.