Well, I finally have something to write about, other than eating and sleeping.  All of the pups have their eyes opened in various stages.  They are still getting used to focusing and trying to see what is out there, so their little "sea legs" often give out on them or they bump in to a sibling.  From the first week, they were wagging their little tails while they nursed, but now, they break out in to a full concerto, with various levels of whines, groans, grunts and enthusiastic squeals.  They also interact a little more after feeding, which is fun.  They go face to face and will move their heads around, but are not yet as steady on their feet as they will be in a week or so.  They are able to make their way to the other side of the whelping box to eliminate.....although they tend to walk in circles or just squat afterwards, which makes for frequent sponge baths.  Their ears are also beginning to open, as a few can hear me walk in the den.  They are not yet to the "startled" stage, which will be another few days, when their ears are fully opened, but they don't understand what they are hearing.  That will just last for a few days until they become accustomed to all of their new sounds.

We will bring them down from our den to our living room area in two weeks, when they are fully interactive.  It is always so interesting to watch them move from a whelping box to a run in our home with so much room they don't know where to begin.