Their canines are in, woohoo.  Although mom is still very patient with nursing, all of the pups have their canine in now.  Teething is a must and the new soft toys in their lair is essential for them to not gnaw on each other.  Although soft warm skin is much more fun to gnaw on than a soft toy.

Every feeding is a milk immersion now.  Whether they step in it or not, their mouths and feet are all over each other after eating, so milk baths are now a part of daily life here.  This transition will change in a week or so as they learn to keep paws out of food and have more space to roam.

Today, we are creating the run in our main living area.  It will give them a much larger play area and they will begin understanding that that they "go" on the piddle pads at one end and sleep at the other end.  They have been able to crawl out of the whelping box for a week now and we always hear when they want back in.  Exploring the den is so much fun and they sometimes leave little surprises for me to clean up.

They are interacting a lot with their litter mates, so there is always a long round of play after a feeding. Their favorites are the ears of their litter mates.  They pull and tug, but they don't hurt as they don't have much in the way of teeth. They all wag their tails and hold them in a beautiful arch as they walk and wag.  They love to crawl on their mom, tug and chew on her hair or just crash on her back.  She enjoys licking up the goodies after they eat, as she doesn't get served sweet goat milk.

All of the pups are about the same size.  No runts and no extra large pups.  Spark is still in the lead by a couple of ounces, but there isn't a pup that is the tiniest.  Pictures are hard to come by, as they are fed often and after each feeding, they look like they just took a bath.  I will get new pics posted after bath time today.