The puppies loved their first Thanksgiving.  Their run is on one side of our kitchen so they were able to smell all of the wonderful foods, or should I say ingredients.  Did you know dogs have 125 - 300 million scent glands vs. humans having 5 million, so our dogs smell each ingredient in food, rather than the combined smell.  The puppies were so excited to have other people around to love and kiss them, and the feast that they had when I cleaned up the turkey, they absolutely loved.  Lately, their food has been boiled chicken thighs with carrots that I cool down, mix with Solid Gold Wolf Cub kibble.  The warm broth soaks in to the kibble, so they will not choke.  I still worry about it, although none have.

The day after Thanksgiving, I spent two hours bathing all of them, then off to the vet.  Only two pups REALLY disliked the bath, and Orange actually laid down in the sink while I bathed him.  He LOVED it.  It is always a fun trip to the vet as the techs and secretaries all need to come visit the puppies.  They all did very well at the vet, not one squeak out of any of them.  They all slept in their soft sided crate until it was their turn. 

Hard to believe that the first will be leaving in just five short days.  We have really enjoyed them.  This is the quietest litter we have had.  None bark and they only get really excited before feeding and afterwards during a bout of play.  They have discovered, as others before them, the joys of shredding piddle pads and trying to race with the corner of one down to the other end.  They all shred the pads, but Pink and Teal seem to thoroughly enjoy it.  Lime pitches right in with the chore at task, as well as the rest of them.  It takes me about 40 minutes to clean the pen, and I am so proud of my work, and within minutes of letting them in the piddle pad area, I generally hear a ripping sound as the masking tape is being pulled from the tarp.  I have found that a squirt bottle of water deters them immediately, but the fun of creating their art on my clean canvas, gives way seconds after my squirt.  It is literally a test of whose will is stronger, until they fall asleep.