The pups are six weeks old today.  My how time flies.  They have been in our living room for 11 days now and I always wonder if our house will ever recover when we have a litter, but it always does.

They are playing constantly now and the space is becoming too small for them.  We generally have them in a 20' run next to our kitchen, but they are in a 6' x 8' area of our living room while we are finishing up the last minute remodeling of our kitchen.  I would like to move them back this weekend, so they have more room.

They still suckle their mom a bit, but not much.  They try, as they need the bonding, but their teeth are in and it hurts her so much, that she bounces around the pen until we feel sorry for her.  The pups are now eating steamed hamburger, steamed chicken, brown rice and green beans mixed with goat milk.  About once a day, they also get Blue Buffalo Wolf Cub kibble, soaked in hot water or warmed organic chicken broth, until cooled.  They will turn all of this good food away just to suckle with mom, so they look forward to those times each day.  The pen is becoming much more difficult to keep clean now that they are on food.  Goat milk produces less waste, but at $12/gallon, they are going through 1 1/2 gallons a day, I am grateful that they are liking real food.

They have always been quiet all night long, although I clean their pen at night and when I awaken in the morning, it looks as though 30 puppies have chewed, urinated, defecated and destroyed the pen.  They need a private nurse maid at this age, as they stay clean for about 20 minutes after a bath.  There are four of us here and it takes all of us to keep up with 12 little ones.

Their play time now is much longer between naps.  It used to be eat and sleep, but now they are awake an hour or two at a time.  They coo, whine, growl, squeak, bark and make all sorts of noises and are the light of my life.  There is no where on earth as loving as a pen of puppies.