The pups are now five weeks and three days old.  Wow, time flies.  They all have their canines.  Most of them have or are now cutting their pre-molars and just a couple have the tips of their front incisors peeking out of the gums.  They are chewing like crazy, mostly on each other ignoring the wonderful play toys in their pen.  They all interact and play with vigor now and life is spent rolling around and chewing on their brothers and sisters,

Their personalities are really beginning to develop now.  Spark is still the largest pup.  He loves to tumble around and when he is on his back with a pup on top, he growls like a tiger and it is all play.  When I scratch his tummy, he is the same way.

Lime loves to sleep over objects.  I will find him laying over a soft toy with his head hanging down, or up on the edge of their bed.  When it come to feeding time, he cannot be stopped and will just walk over a brother or sister to get to the food.

Teal would rather nurse than anything else in life.  If Jamaica is in the pen, he will just lay and suckle by himself, while all of the other pups are eating hamburger and warm goat milk.

Red is a cuddle bug and can only go to a family where he will be held a lot and not left home alone much.  He will howl until he is picked up and is always the last to fall asleep.  I end up carrying him around the house quite a bit, as he just wants to be cuddled.  He is calm and loves to sleep in our arms.

Orange is such a sweet boy.  He plays gentler than his siblings, is very alert and takes in all that is around him.  When he sleeps, he is always snuggling up with a sibling.

Black is very loving and plays with his siblings, but always checks in with me.  He is calm and loves to play, doesn't play too rough and loves to crawl up in my lap when I sit in the pen.  I just gave them little chew bones and red, black, blue and white wanted to be pet rather than chew on their bones.

Pink can handle herself against her bigger brothers, as well as Yellow.  Quite often, I see both of them on top of a brother letting them know who is going to chew on whose ears.  Pink, Yellow and Purple are very difficult for me to tell apart in personalities, but Purple seems to be a bit more laid back, while Pink and Yellow love to tumble around.  Purple loves to lick or chew on my toes or shoes when I sit with them.  

White is the biggest of our girls and holds her own with her brothers.  She loves to be picked up and is great at getting her soft little collar off of her neck.  She loves new toys and will tell the toys whose boss, but in a very loving way.

I just went up to the pen to let mom out from nursing and put my hand down, and immediately, pink, white, lime and red picked up my fingers to begin suckling. 

Blue changes daily.  Sometimes he is under and over everything thing and everyone, and other times he just sits back and watches the action.  He is a cuddler like all of them.  He just saw his dad and wanted to play with him, so he put out his front paws with his rear high in the air and tail wagging, and let out a little bark.  It was adorable.

Green is a mellow boy.  Last week, he would growl when I rubbed his belly, but this week, he just enjoys the scratching.  He is a regal little fella and trots or prances when he walks.  He loves to be held and loves to explore new toys in the pen.

Ah, such is life today and tomorrow, they will all give me a new story to share with you.