It is always tough for me to see our puppies leave.  I know they are going to great homes, but to know I will never see them again and they have been such a huge part of my life, is challenging.  Black, Red and Purple are still here with us.  Black will be moving to California the day after Christmas, to live with a  family that has Bogie, a pup from a litter three years ago.  Spark is living here in Utah with Soup, a pup of ours from a litter four years ago.

White is living here in Park City and Pink also stayed here in Utah.  Yellow, Teal and Lime moved to southern California. Orange (now named Jupiter) is living in Oregon, Blue (now named Murray) is living in Oklahoma, and Green just left Sunday for Colorado.  Since they leave slowly, it makes it a bit easier for me, than all leaving the house at once.  It is fun to hear how they adapt to their new "pack" when you share stories.  It is also interesting to watch the remaining puppies grow and change when litter mates leave. 

Red, Black and Orange were slightly smaller than Lime, Spark and Teal.  Green was right in the middle size-wise.  When Spark, Lime and Teal left, Green became a bit more boisterous.  When Green left, Red and Black became much more playful.  I think 12 in a litter is "whelming" for me, let alone a small puppy.

Tomorrow, Red goes to his forever home, Purple is still available and Black will fly home on the 26th.  Thank you for loving our puppies and giving them such wonderful homes.