The pups were introduced to lapping this week.  They still prefer to suckle on mom or have a bottle of fresh goat milk, but they all find this new warm bath quite interesting.  Some blow bubbles, some stand and whine, while others dive right in and walk through it while they drink.  At the end of a long feeding, the pups are wet and sticky and loving life. I, on the other hand, thinks its quite gross to snuggle up to a wet sticky pup, so out comes the warm damp wash rag to remove as much excess as possible, just in time for another adventure.

They are now using their vocal cords to test them out.  When one whines, they all whine.  I heard my first quasi-bark today out of Spark and he scared himself doing it.  He was sitting up, then walked in a circle as if to check out where the noise came from.  They still sleep in puppy piles and will for quite some time.  Pink has become a little explorer. and doesn't care who is in her way, she will walk right over them.  She was the only one awake a few minutes ago, and proceeded to walk over all of her siblings until tow awakened, Lime and Green, to play with her. Green walked over to me for some loving while Lime entertained his sister for awhile.  Lime loves the milk baths and will do a spread eagle in them.  Now that Green fell asleep in my lap, I put him back in the little nursery and Lime is chewing on his ear.  Ah, a day in the life of a three week old pup.