Today is the pups eight week birthday.  I can hardly believe they are ready to move on to their forever homes.  It is amazing.  Lime and Teal are leaving us tomorrow, and will be neighbors in California, so it will be wonderful that they will grow up together.  Pink leaves for another home in Utah tomorrow night.  I will miss her sweet playful demeanor around our home.  Yellow and Spark leave Friday, one will join a sister here in Utah and Yellow is off to another home in California.  Blue is here until Sunday and then he is flying the friendly skies to Oklahoma.  It is going to be a sad weekend.

Green will be off to Colorado in two weeks and Orange will move to Oregon around the same time.  Black is with us for three more weeks, then moving to join a brother in California.  Two families who own a Burntwood dog already, are purchasing pups from this litter.  That makes seven families out there that have purchased two of our puppies over the years.  Thank you.  White, Red and Purple are still listed for sale, but we love them all so much, we are not in any hurry to move the puppies.

Today, when I arrived home, the piddle pad brigade had destroyed that end of the pen.  With all of the wonderful toys in the pen, all my puppies have enjoyed making a mess with shredding piddle pads rather than chewing on squeaky toys.  They are still the quietest litter we have had.  When I walk down stairs at 6:30 a.m., they barely make a sound.  I am accustomed to the entire house coming alive when pups see us, but this is a very calm litter that is not too vocal.  They are lively and playful, but sleep through the night and just seem to be so balanced.

I sure will miss them all.  They have been such a joy to bring in to this world and I hope that they give you many many years of love and companionship.