My time left with these puppies is so short.  Just two weeks left for quite a few of them and I just have not had enough loves and kisses.  They have been in our living room, but grew out of the space, so today, we put them in a longer run in a different area of the house.  It is near our kitchen, which will force me to keep the pen immaculate.  They loved exploring the pen and now can run 16', so play is much more entertaining for both them and me.  

Today, I just sat and played with them most of the day.  They are so cute.  Red is still my vocal one if I walk away and Spark runs a close second.  Teal, Yellow, Orange and Purple are ALWAYS on my lap and today, Teal discovered how to climb up my shirt to get to my face.  They are all very affectionate puppies and they take turns needing my attention or playing with their siblings.  Spark and Lime are really growing (not that they all are not), but stand out as the larger puppies. Teal still thrives on goat milk and isn't so sure he wants to be a part of this "other food" diet that we give them.  he did gobble up the blended meat and steamed carrots though.

They now eat steamed carrots, green beans, chicken, hamburger and are still loving goat milk.  They really do not like the kibble I purchased for them, but I keep giving it to them as I want them diverse in their eating when they go to your homes.  My easiest way to give them wholesome food at an inexpensive price is to purchase meat on sale and freeze it.  Then once or twice a week-since we have 12 puppies- I put meat and veggies in a steamer and voila- 30 minutes later a few days worth of food is prepared.  Right now, I blend it and still mix with warm goat milk.

My husband and I agree that this is the mellow-ist litter we can remember.  They are extremely calm, and although get very excited to see us and crawl all over us, they are not yippy and play very well together.  I love our adults and these puppies are a blessing and an extension of our happy, balanced home.