The pups have relocated from an upstairs den to our main level.  We no longer can sneak by as when they see us they just want to play and play.  What a life, I just love them.  It took them about an hour to settle in to their new home and they were quick to learn where to eliminate and where to sleep.  Amazing how smart a four week old puppy is.

This is the first litter that their white faces have turned pink when they nurse.  It is an enzyme in saliva, but I have never had this happen with pups.  This time, mom is on a primarily fish and veggie diet, so maybe there is something in her milk that is creating this response.  It will fade away and their faces will be as white as Jack's but it is interesting.  Some of these pictures were taken right after a feeding, so they are not beauty pictures, but our actual reality.

They still nurse many times a day, and also lap up milk out of a dish.  They are good little eaters and they love to play with each other.  Very social, very gentle and loving.  They still sleep in a puppy pile on a bed in their run.  They stay awake about a half hour at a time now and then are down for 1-2 hours.  Fun, fun, fun.