Now that the puppies are two weeks old there are just a few little stories that I can share.  Pink remains my largest of the four females. She's just been wanting to snuggle with mom the last couple of days and not bottlefeed. Yellow is a great little nurser and a great bottle feeder  as is purple. Purple for her size has extremely strong back legs and even though she can't walk yet she does a great job standing on her back legs. Lime is slightly larger than yellow and purple and slightly smaller than pink.   Lime generally nurses and then goes off and lays by herself. I think the den has been a little warm lately. Iime is the first of the females for eyes starting to open. 

 I have three large males sable, black, and gray. Sable is a good eater right now. I can bottlefeed him and he'll go back to nursing even if he has a full belly.   We can always count on Sable to finish off a bottle if we have a half ounce or an ounce left.  We enjoyed feeding him as he just latches right on  and relaxes whereas most of the other pups struggle with a bottle.  Black is a great eater and has a good solid structure, as does Gray.   Red is smaller than his three brothers that I've mentioned, he is such a sweet puppy wiggles underneath other puppies and always seems to find petite of moms to latch onto. I can wake him up out of a sound sleep and he is so enthused to bottlefeed.  Light blue is a quiet puppy and always seems to find mom's  hind to eat that has the most milk. He is not a whiner like some of his siblings loves to be held and is very quiet after feeding.  Orange is very similar to light blue. He never plans for more milk always seems to be one of the first puppies on mom it is a good little feeder.  White was our smallest male, but is now the same size as red. Red and white are just slightly smaller than light blue and orange, who are just slightly smaller than sable black and gray.  I have noticed Black Gray Sable and Reds eyes are beginning to open. I am sure today all of the puppies eyes will begin to open and over the next two or three days a whole new world will be in their sight.