The pups are now three and a half weeks old.  They are walking very well, playing for about a half hour after eating and love interacting with each other.  They have been licking mouths of other pups for about a week, but now are beginning to open their mouths to play with each other.  I saw one trying to grab the tail of another yesterday.

They now potty very well on their own and know enough to go to one side of their whelping box.  Next weekend, we will move them from the den to the run on our mail floor.  This will give them more room and by then, they will spend half of their time awake.  This is when they become fun to play with.  Now, they don't mind being petted, but they would still rather eat or sleep.  By next week, they will interact much more with us.  It is fun to walk around the room as their eyes follow us.  They are alert and taking in all that this new life has to offer them.