The pups are now very social.  I came home from work and my husband and daughter had been playing with them.  I crawled in the pen to change their bedding and immediately, my skirt went in many different directions.  They love my long skirts and play tug o war with me.  I managed to clean up their pen, while entertaining them simultaneously.  I just love them.

They now all play with the stuffed animals that we have in their pen.  Some sleep on them and some sleep on each other.  They now have their four canine teeth and molars pushing in the back.  Poor things must be miserable but they certainly don't show it or whine like babies do when teething.  We are now grinding food and mixing with their milk.  They gobble it up like pros and still nurse a few times a day.  Mom would prefer that they stop nursing, but we let them nurse for six weeks.  I think mom is done when they begin to chew on her rather than suckle.

Orange has been chosen and will be living in Salt Lake City.  Purple has been chosen and will be living in Kansas and Yellow will be moving to Wisconsin.  Waiting on a possible pick from Michigan for a male, then Illinois. Will keep you posted.