Our puppies are leaving the fold and it is hitting me hard this time.  They were such a great litter of pups.  Great chemistry between them.  Very loving and they all got along so well.  Although turning eight weeks brings with it fast speeds around our home, shredded piddle pads and more, they were a quite litter.  When I come down the stairs each morning at 6:45, they run to greet me, but no yelping or whining like all my other litters, just loving eyes and jumping at the xpen to see me.  If I rush around the corner quickly, they are silent, whereas other litters would yelp for 10 minutes and awaken the entire home.  They have been such a joy to raise and I hope are a joy to you.

Purple was the first to go and then Red flew out a few hours later.  I then flew Bentley and Jemma to San Diego on Thursday.  Friday, Orange left for home and Sunday Pink left.  It has been very hard saying goodbye.  Tomorrow, Sable leaves and then I have four of them until Friday when Black leaves, Saturday Ivy leaves and White may leave this weekend.  Then I have Grey all alone with his parents for a full week.  I am sure he will miss all of his siblings, just as his siblings have missed each other.