7 1/2 Weeks Old

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Saturday, September 10, 2016
It is so hard to believe that the pups are already 7 1/2 weeks old.  They have been such a joy to raise.  They are quiet, playful and there is not one that is dominant or submissive.  What a perfect litter of very well balanced puppies.  Generally our pups will whine and bark when they see us in the morning, but this litter runs to greet us with very little noise.  We don't have one that is loud, that is a role model for the others, so it is such a joy.

On the other hand, they have learned to embrace the joy of shredding piddle pads.  Oh my goodness.  For weeks I did not have to even tape them down.  Now they are taped, cross-taped and the water bottle is out to remind those that want to shred them.  And nearly all of them do.  It makes it SO much harder to keep them clean, but the fun they have with shredding them far surpasses any potential consequences.

I wear long skirts most days to work and they love to play tug o war when I crawl in the pen.  Last night, they not only pulled my skirt to my ankles, but then worked on my slip and got is down.  It is hard to get out of the pen half clothed with eleven sets of chompers pulling on your clothes.  They are coming of age where it is not as difficult to say good bye.  Nature has a way of helping me transition and realize they need a forever home that will give them one on one attention and training that I cannot do with eleven of them.  Although I try.  When I sit down, all eleven are on my lap, licking my face, chewing on me, pulling my clothes or tugging on my hair.  It is a party at my house all of the time, except when they sleep.

They are now 7 weeks and two days old.  Time flies so quickly, and then they will be gone, my house will be a bit quieter and a lot better smelling, but the memories that these little ones provide for me will last a long time.  This is such a special litter.  Don;t know what we did differently, and all of our pups are special and sweet, but all eleven get along so well, all are so well adjusted and all just love life.