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Wow, What a World

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Saturday, February 6, 2016
All of their eyes are opened now and they are so beautiful.  They are beginning to focus and will stare at us, as everything is so new to them.  They are on all fours now with their little "sailor legs" and making their way around the whelping box and to mom.  Some are already learning to go to one end of the whelping box to relieve themselves.  It is amazing how smart they are and the potential for learning that they possess.

They still eat and sleep only, but in a few days, will begin to interact with each other, now that they can see.  Their ears will open in a few days and then I won't be able to sneak around their den to keep it clean without them awakening and wanting food.  They are feisty when they are hungry and will suck on anything.  When I pick one up to bottle feed, they attach to my finger like a vacuum.  They love fingers and love the bottle but the bottle nipple is difficult to get in to their mouth.  They definitely know it is not skin and resist, but my training getting a bit in a horses mouth has helped me learn to gently pop their mouths open. Once open, they suck until they feel like they are going to pop.  We burp them afterwards, just like a baby.

They are all doing so well and we are blessed to have such wonderful puppies.  The next few weeks will be so much fun, as we love to play with them and the playing is just around the corner.