Life is busy here and the pups are adjusting so well.  They still sleep a lot but are growing more social daily.  So far the pups that are reserved are:  Pumpkin, Jack O Lantern, Red, Lavender, Purple or Lime, Yellow, Sky, Curacao,  Champagne will not be available if you are just looking, as numerous families only want her, so when she is chosen, I will be giving back numerous deposit refunds........  sorry, brown is adorable too and is our personal favorite.

Pups are now eating a mush blend, still with goat milk, but no puppy food (kibble).  They play withe continuously when I am in the pen and all are so very sweet.  It is difficult to describe each one, as there are many.    They are trying to get the gist of where to eliminate and are doing pretty well.  About 80% have mastered it.  They walk through one part of the fencing and then don't like my kitchen I guess, so they walk back in to the pen.  All of them have teeth now and they are not afraid to use them.  They pull and tug and love to teethe on anything.

They sleep all night long now and feed four times during the day.  They are the quietest I think we have had.  To have 23 of them in my living/dining area and not smell them or hear them, they are very quiet.  They even wait patiently for their meals.  I am so very blessed to have them.

Here are your pick #'s

Reed- chosen
Gross- chosen
Hansen- chosen
Werbner- chosen
Hagedorn- chosen
Keith- chosen
Peterson- chosen
Pickard- chosen
- only accepting deposits for brown males