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Thank You

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Thank you for all of the pick up information.  I am slowly getting around to responding, as you successfully inundated me with texts and emails.  I appreciate the information and it will take me a day or so to respond to it all.

Tonight was a fun night with the pups.  Here are a few stories:  Snowflake is my little Houdini.  She escapes from the pen a dozen or more times a day.  She loves playing with the older dogs and today, when I arrived home, she was sleeping on a pair of Uggs that I had laying next to the pen.  She apparently tried to get back in and could not, so she fell asleep as close to her littermates as she could.

When I crawled in the pen, most were asleep but Licorice, Lavender, Red, Blue (who never sleeps), Daffodil, Irish and Fuschia just covered me in claws and kisses.  We played for over a half hour while the others quietly slept.  Red licked and licked my face, then bit it.  I think he was cleaning my cheek prior to biting.  He held his own against Blue, which is quite a feat.  They played and played on my lap.  Fuschia tumbled around on my lap, then discovered my loose sock and played tug o war with it for a long time.  Daffodil just wanted to be front and center on me and licked my chin.  Licorice is a mellow fellow and just enjoyed and good pet and Irish stayed off to my right side.  He could not decide if he wanted to chew a toy or be held and went back and forth.  Lavender and Champagne are finally turning in to little love bugs and Lavender was all over me and Champagne joined in the last few minutes, as did Curacao who strolled over and fell asleep by my right foot.  His sleeping did not deter Fuschia tug o war.  Snowflake wanted to continue to sleep as I put her in the pen with us, but finally gave up after being stepped on a few times and sat by me and chewed on a toy.

Generally when I get in, I have so many that want attention that I end up petting about 10 at a time with my elbows, lower arm, wrist, hands, fingers, legs and feet.  It is quite a site to try to handle massive petting sessions, and I am so privileged to have these little balls of fluff in my life.