Time has flown by.  I can hardly believe my little bundles of joy are 7 weeks old.  They now play more than they sleep, but they sleep all night. When I awaken at 6 am they are generally playing with each other.  No barks, no whines, they play quietly until we come downstairs whether it is 6am or 8 am.   I generally feed them and most pups in the past bark and whine so loud that it awakens everyone.  23 puppies and they all just watch me while I prepare their meal with just a few whines.  Blue will bark or howl but he is the only vocal one.  They patiently wait, which is unheard of, but when the food is down, it's a mad race to it.  We now put down three to four bowls of food.  They still get a lot of it on them, but are doing better.

Had a lot of precious play time with them today.  All of them come to me and love to lay on my lap or chew on parts of me.  Different pups are all over me different times of the day.  I think if stories to tell as I am taking pictures, then forget. They all are very well socialized.  A few of them like to tear up my piddle pads.  I don't like them chewing on them but they love it for some reason.  I have to tape them down and they love to tear them up, haul them back to their bedding and tear them to shreds.

They are going to the vet on Wednesday, for their first check up.  That is always a fun time....  They generally sleep in their mobile crate and are so good at the vets.