Today was a long day at school and I came home and this is the first day the pups whined for me.  It was so sweet.  I changed their bedding and crawled in and immediately, 13 of them were all over me:  Sunny, Daffodil, Red, Blue, Midnight-Navy,  Curacao, Green, Irish, Cotton Candy, Lime, Purple, Licorice. and  Crimson.  It was such a wonderful welcome and I played with them for over a half hour while the others slept.  I love those moments when they can crawl all over me.  They are up and down my legs, tug on my clothes, nibble on toes and give me kisses when I pick them up.  All give kisses but Curacao doles them out by the droves.  

I got out to grab a snack and now going back in for round two.