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Puppy Life

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Thursday, February 18, 2016
The puppies are doing very well.  All are growing.  Sparkle is the smallest and Licorice is the largest of all.  They were drinking next to each other tonight and I couldn't believe the difference.

 They are all very social and I love to lean over into their whelping pens and have them come up and chew on my hair and gnaw on my fingers and give me kisses. They all either have bumps on their gums or they have cut their first tooth now.  Moms still nurse every 4-5 hours around the clock. Asia jumps right in and now sits up nursing so she exposes herself to all the pups more readily, but is a bit quicker to leave. Jamaica is more apprehensive in getting in the bedding. I think it's because of all the little Wiggleworms that  want her attention and she isn't quite sure where to step. She'll stay in the duration though and often will nurse for a half hour to 45 minutes. 

Tonight,  Asia's light blue let out a howl. When I looked over,  he had his nose straight up in the air like a wolf and was howling. I picked him up and held him for about 10 minutes and then put him back and he went to sleep.  I leaned over into the whelping box with puppies all around and Red came right up to me, looked at me and started licking my face.    Lavender came right up next to me also and I picked her up and she was so calm she just snuggled with me for about five minutes. They just melt when you hold them.  They are so calm and loving. Then I started playing with her entire litter. One was laying on her back  and I thought she was asleep so I looked right at her and her eyes were wide open. It was champagne.  Jack-o'-lantern is very social with his brothers and sisters and always seems to be licking the milk off another's face or gumming each other.   Light pink loves to sit in my lap and I often will put her on the floor and she stays very close to me but loves to put her nose down and use it.   Fuschia is gorgeous and will often just stand there and look at me, as does Green. They love to come up to me and look me in the eyes. I can't imagine what they're thinking with only having been able to see for two weeks now.  

Curacao  is an eater, he loves to nurse but is one of the first to hit the pan when he hears the milk pour into it. Candycane is doing so well, has grown like a little weed and is a great little eater. She can find her mom's teats underneath all 12  of her siblings. I think she's part mole, that she can just dig right through. Sparkle is still tiny and feisty and she's a great little lapper. She loves to motorboat around the dish, as does a few of the other pups.   Irish is  very playful with his brothers and sisters. He doesn't push anyone aside when he eats out of the pan, whereas most of Jamaica's will put a paw in and turn sideways and sort of move upstream like they think they're going to get more milk. Pumpkin and Sunny I can hardly tell apart except Sunny is slightly larger. They're both very sweet and calm great little eaters. Sky is just as mellow as they come.  The Navy's have identical personalities  and are very similar to all the pups, curious, rolls with whatever happens to them in the whelping box, and inquisitive with this new world they can now see and hear.   I need a list of them in front of me to try and tell you all of the stories that are just starting to happen. I will try and keep my blog updated every couple of days now. There's so many things I could say to describe each one and I will probably update that under their pictures this weekend.