New pictures are up.  This was an 8  hour process today.  I miss playing with them when I am downloading, resizing, renaming and uploading pictures all day.  Yesterday was a house cleaning day and showing pups to a family, so it has been all about puppies again this weekend.  They are fun and I will miss them when they are gone.

They love to play and don't realize that if they are awake and another is asleep, that the puppy who is sleeping, might not want to play.  Everything is free game for them, ears, tails, legs, my toes and more.  When I sit in with them, I need to be well padded, as they bite and tug on everything.  I learned long ago that sweats are what you wear in a pen, as everything else gets snagged and ruined.  They are very affectionate and love to be held.  They will bite and chew and when I pick them up, they calm down and just melt in to me.  These are amazing dogs and if you have not owned one before, you will be shocked.  Everything you can put in to them these first two years, you will receive back 100 fold over the next 14.  They are gems and we love what we do.  

The pups are ready for the next stage of their lives.  We are approaching the time that we feel we are ready to move on.  The house seems like it will never smell the same again.   When I am with them, I really work with them about too hard of play.  I just cannot keep them clean enough, as one is always going potty and another is always stepping in it before I can get to it.  They now tear up the piddle pads, so nothing stays clean for long.  Remember me saying that at 8 weeks, they are like teenagers and parents are ready to have a little time away from them?  They grew up so fast and I look forward to meeting all of you and having you share pictures and stories of the next phase of their lives.

Now off for some puppy loving.....