Pumpkin and Jack O Lantern have been chosen.  One pick is deciding between Lime and Purple and we are now on pick four and awaiting their decision.  Please get an idea of which pup you desire, so that when your turn arrives, you have an inclination of what you would like and we can continue.   People need to book flights and they cannot unless they know if they are getting the pup they really would like.   If you would let me know, I would appreciate it.  I have many that would still like to give me a deposit, but I cannot accept any at this point, as I don't know what color or genders I will have available.

The pups really like their new home.  They are right with us now, rather than in a quieter den.  They did well last night, I was proud of them.  Quiet all night and calm this morning when we got up to feed them.  Some can crawl through small openings in the pen, but they try to get right back in.  They are getting the gist of where to sleep and where to eliminate.  I love them so much, and my favorite place to be is in their pen.  I can now fit in with all of them and it is pretty cool.