I am finally categorizing and will upload last week's bathing pictures. Sorry I am a week behind but I still took the weekly pictures  so you won't miss your little loved ones growth, you just didn't see it in a timely fashion. I will also take more today of their five week old pictures and try to get them uploaded tomorrow. 

 We had a lot of families visit last week from Sunday through Wednesday, and it was also our Olympic week at school, as our school site is held on an Olympic venue. Was just too busy to spend the 3 1/2 hours or so it takes to  download categorize rename and upload a full set of pictures. Will try to catch up today and tomorrow. 

 They are now much more vocal. They whine and a few of them will let out their attempt at a bark.   They have figured out how to get out of their pen and will go behind a kitchen counter where we've had to gate it off. They've tipped over a plant, spread dirt all over the floor and have proceeded to eliminate on my tile floor. Just another lovely mess we get to clean up today.   This all happens for reason you know,  just when the three of us are about ready to crack in a couple of weeks, it makes it so much easier to say goodbye at eight weeks. 

 They still nurse, about twice a day, and their food is still warm goat milk, chicken, brown rice and veggies steamed and mushed up, with a little bit of organic chicken broth.   We will then transition them out of the goat milk when they stop nursing.  I always look forward to that, as the milk makes their stools loose.  It is so much easier to keep their space clean after they're done with milk.