The puppies are growing so fast and I am taking additional pictures.  They pictures are very cumbersome to post now, and hopefully will improve when the host repairs their issues.  Until then, I will slowing plug away at posting pictures.

The first set was right after birth.  I wanted you to see your little one as they entered the world, so if you see fluids, it is the birth process, not an injury.  They all coo for mom when they smell her now and they stay close to keep warm.  The pups won't be able to regulate their own body temperatures until after a week of age, so we have kept moms close and the room very warm.  It is like sleeping in Florida in the summer in our den......well, maybe not quite that bad.

No stories yet to tell.  Some are adventurous looking for a warm place to sleep or hoping mom has more nipples on her back side.  The "buffet" is full of pups, so Mark, Jaci and I are always there to supplement with warm goat milk so they all have their bellies full.