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My First Story

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Sunday, February 14, 2016
 The pups are now interacting with each other and life is active and fun here at our home.  Just as they were finishing a feeding, one started to howl. It was Jamaica's Navy. Then his entire litter followed suit in howling and whining and then the next litter began doing it, so they started communicating with each other. It was hilarious for about five minutes and then they calmed down and eventually fell asleep.  It was adorable and I wish I had my camera.

They are getting their first bath today.  It will be a gentle sponge bath as I cannot handle  the milk in their coats.  They are interacting regularly now and play for about 30 minutes after a meal.  They love grooming each other after they eat, which makes them all dirty again.  Even if they don't  walk in their food, it's all over their faces and in turn, they mouth each other and transfer the milk to every place imaginable.  They are so hard to keep clean for the next four weeks.  They play in food, learn where to go potty and our life will be nurse maids for us as they grow into your little loved ones.