Our lives are all about puppies right now.  I awaken at 5 AM to feed them with moms and then get ready for work about 6:30 AM when my husband rises.  He stays with them off and on until about noon, when my daughter rises and watches them until 3 PM.  I am home by 5 PM and watch them until bedtime, about 10 PM, when my husband or daughter will take over.  My daughter is a night owl and she stays with them until about 3 AM and I am back up at 5 AM.  And so it goes for the their first three weeks of life.  To say we are tired is an understatement.  Luckily, the winter litter finds my husband home more and summer litters, I am home.

The puppies will be beginning to show little eye slits where they are beginning to open.  Not much yet, just saw it in one so far.  They have navigated life well so far, but a whole world is about to open to them.  They will see in a few days and be able to hear in a week or so.  Then I cannot sneak in any longer.....

They are fun to just sit and watch.  They already "chase bunnies" in their sleep with their little paws twittering as they dream about ?????  Since they cannot see yet, I can only wonder what they dream about.  Some navigate under the bedding while others sprawl out in the open.  Two days ago, I walked in the den with the moms and Asia's were no where to be found.  Hmm! they cannot get out of the whelping box, so I lifted up the bed, and they had all crawled under the bed pad so their box looked like a cleaned out den.

They all suckle wonderfully, both nursing and with a bottle.  They are well fed and want for nothing, so life is pretty great for them.  

More pictures were posted today.  For some reason, some pictures were not showing, so I reloaded them and spent the last four hours loading their first week pictures.