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Five Have Found Their Forever Homes

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Puppies are leaving at a rate of one per day.  Jack O'Lantern and Sky left Friday, Purple left Sunday, Monday we said goodbye to Daffodil, today Pumpkin flew to his forever home, tomorrow Red is leaving, Thursday Blue is leaving and one a day after until Monday, when three are leaving.  One would never think that 17 pups in a pen seems empty, but I can feel the loss.  It is so nice to know they will have the one on one attention and training that they deserve, which I cannot provide.

We still have a single barker that awakens us at night, and our a ski instructor that we rent a room to, has asked about this single pup that awakens him each morning at 4:00.  We are not sure who it is, as a couple of them bark.

We think Snowflake has now grown enough that she cannot walk through walls any longer.  She doesn't join us in the living room, but loves the attention when we are in the pen.  Sparkle has replaced her with this habit and greets me each morning at the bottom of the steps, joins me in the kitchen when I get their food and my morning coffee and says goodbye to me when I leave.

All of the pups are doing well, and are SO READY for something more.  They play, they sleep, they eat and they tear up piddle pads relentlessly.  They have great toys, chews and more, but it is the paper that they enjoy the most, I guess.