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First Vet Visit

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Friday, March 11, 2016
We took 12 to the veterinarian yesterday.  We decided to wait on the late pickups, as the flight certificates are only good for 10 days after a vet visit, and then it is back to the vet for another checkup before flight, sooo.... we took the first 12 that are leaving in the next 9 days.  They all had great check ups, all but one was quiet for the doctor.  Most were real champs, a couple of them were nervous and all went well.

On the way back, one threw up on another one, but no clues were remaining except for the one that was on the receiving end, poor guy.  He got another bath and survived the ordeal.  Today they are all doing great.  It is hard to believe that the time is here for them to leave, and it is so sad.  They are more than ready though.  I cannot let that many run around my house at one time, and they thrive on attention and really need you to teach them now.  I look forward to hearing all about their new lives.

Just a reminder to all that it is cash only upon pickup.  It is all over my website, as I have had about everything canceled on me right after pickup, so this makes for an easy, friendly transaction.  Thank you.