A day after Asia gave birth, Jamaica gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies.  We are all still recovering from the lack of sleep, but they are all well worth the weary hours.  Moms are doing very well and pups are already growing.  We have a lot of pictures, but Yola's javascript is running continuously and not allowing us to upload pictures.

They just sleep and eat, and are very mobile.  It always amazes me that prior to birth, they are cramped in a small space and then come out so mobile that they can make their ways across the whelping box.  They are all good little eaters and nurse well, as well as take a bottle of goat milk.

We are loving these little additions to our family and feel very blessed to have them in our lives  I love coming home from work and loving these little love bugs.  My husband and daughter are with them all day and then I get to enjoy them all evening.  Life is great.