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And the Picks Begin

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Sunday, February 21, 2016
Thank you all for your patience through this process.   Today, the first, second and third picks will be made for certain.  We are excited to finally let you know what you have been waiting for weeks to determine.

The puppies are now feeding on a diet of goat milk, chicken, fresh veggies and organic brown rice (milk gives them loose stools and the rice has the opposite affect.)  We will wean them in a couple of weeks.  The food is blended and then mixed with the milk.

Today they are being bathed and moved from our upstairs den to the main level.  It will be HUGE for them to have so much more space and an environment that smells and sounds totally different.  We are trying to design the run now.  Do we put both litters together or don't we?  Do we run them long and narrow, like we do for a single litter, or redesign the run?  If we put them together, will the beds be in the center and the ends be piddle pads?  So many little decisions to make.  On top of that, we must bathe 23 of them and trim 414 toenails and have them all ready in 6 hours....so this post will be short.

They are really having fun with each other now.  They play continuously and will be learning what play is good and what play hurts another.  They have teeth now, but have not learned yet how to use them, and play can hurt sometimes.  They roll and tumble, sometimes in their food and other stuff......yeah, it is messy...... but it is life with pups.  Their larger digs will prevent a lot of that.

Well off to set up their new house.