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A Lazy Saturday

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Sunday, March 13, 2016
Today was our last quiet day for two weeks.  We decided the pups needed more space and kennel experience, so we enlarged their area and gave them three open kennels they can lay in.  They like the extra space.  A family sent me a picture of a play structure for their pup and we loved it, so off to Home Depot we went this morning.  We spent an hour making them an adventure box, mostly out of recycled materials and they love it.  Wish we would have seen this year ago.  We saw as many as 9 at one time playing with it.  We hope it continues to be a hit.

The pups are really growing.  Lavender and Champagne have learned to bark and desperately wanted out of the pen today, so they roamed the house for an hour and loved it.  Every time they came near the others, the barking started.  Snowflake and now Sparkle, walk through the walls and are out all of the time.  Glad I have tile and wood floors.

Pink has mellowed out a lot and is cuddlier than ever now.  Red and Daffodil are very affectionate and always on my lap.  Curacao loves to play with everyone and Cotton Candy has grown like a week and has popped out of her shell.  Sparkle is actually getting much more playful, which I love.  When we put the new play structure in their pen, she was entertained until she fell asleep.  Blue and Licorice are my largest pups now.  Licorice loves the open kennels and moved right in to one.  Pumpkin is smaller than some and loves to be on my lap.  Irish is not quite as large as the others, and plays independently or with others.  He grabs the tails of others and follows them around.  Crimson loved the play structure today and it kept him entertained for a long time.  Fuschia loved the extra room and was one of the first to check out the three new kennel.  It was like a new sleeping quarter for her.  Lime is also coming out of her shell.  She was bouncing around and very active today.  Couldn't tell her from Snowflake today and I am so glad to see her spirit.  Purple was the first to greet me when I got up this morning.  She spent last night running around the house with Navy and Midnight.  Green loved the structure also and played with the plastic lids that are floating in mid air.  Life is great with pups, now if I could just have them all housebroken......  :)