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.....and then there were two

Posted by Brenda Hedden on Saturday, March 26, 2016
 Nearly all of our puppies are now in their forever homes. It's so sad to see them go but I'm excited for the next chapter of their lives.  There is so much more that you can do for them now, than what I was able to do for entire litters of puppies. They were well loved here, and as many of you told me, very well fed. I believe they all came with great socialization skills, an enduring playfulness, and an intelligence that you will find surprising.  They should be very easy to housebreak if you were disciplined and stick to a routine for a few days. They're very smart, inquisitive dogs, and as you all know now, Velcro dogs that love to be right next to you. Crate training is great for some dogs and these dogs like the doors off the crates as they just want to follow you around the house. 

 I hope they are all adjusting very well. Sparkle and cotton candy are the best of friends. They have their entire home to themselves now, and we leave the front door open and they run around our house chasing one another, and then just crash.  I find them sleeping on the steps, under a couch, or in the open crates back in their pen.   Their energy levels are identical, I'll find one chasing another, and five minutes later, the opposites are chasing one another. They roll and tumble, play and sleep on top of each other, trying to create the puppy pile that they once knew that was so warm and comforting for them.   Sparkle crawls right up between my legs and falls asleep daily,  and when not running around the house, she loves to crawl up my legs, be held and lay her chin over my forearm and  Watch what's going on with the other dogs. I think  this is her quiet spot.  Cotton candy just loves to play on her back, chewing on my sweatshirt hoodie strings while I rub her belly.  I think they really miss all of the action that they have grown up with so far.