Jamaica's litter are breaking their first teeth, their canines. Some have two and some have four....mom is not so excited about nursing any longer.  Lulu's litter have distinct bumps in their gums, but I have not felt teeth just yet.  They are well on their way though.  It's so fun to watch them come in and then when you pick them up, you will wish they didn't have so many.  :)  All of Jamaica's have mastered lapping milk, but LuLu's still prefer the bottle if mom doesn't have enough milk.  With all of the milk baths they are taking, I guarantee soft, thick coats.  Jamaic's will have their first bath tomorrow as I cannot take their dried milk small any longer.  They are now beginning to romp and tumble with each other while LuLu's have figured out how to lick the milk off another's face and they interact a bit more passively.  They are now 4 weeks and 4 days, and three weeks and 3 days old.